Manufacturing & Quality


Sercel manufactures a very large range products, systems and equipment dedicated to seismic acquisition and metrology in eight industrial facilities in Europe, Asia and the US. Over 1,500 people implement a wide range of skills every single day (electronics, micro-electronics, electro-mechanics, plastics, mechanics etc) in order to produce effective and reliable products that are developed by our R&D centres and meet stringent control and quality standards. Joining Sercel means that you become part of a group with major innovative production capacity and that utilises cutting-edge industrial equipment.

 Laurent, Manufacturing Manager


"After two years as a Quality Engineer, I began working for Sercel as Production Quality Manager before being promoted to Internal Manufacturing Manager. Today, I coordinate and supervise the work of five manufacturing teams i.e. about seventy people, by enforcing quality, time, and cost requirements and HSE rules. I participate in industrialising new products and developing new processes which adds a technical dimension to the managerial function. Working for Sercel, which is a human-sized international company, allows me to work on innovative products that are technology-intensive with high quality small.jpg requirements. I think you need to have discipline, be dynamic, and have leadership skills for this job".


Brandon, Quality Engineer

brandon-small.jpgI started with Sercel as an engineering intern while in college, and I liked the challenges and opportunities that I faced in that position. When I graduated and accepted a full time position, I didn’t expect to gain as much experience, be given as much responsibility, or have as much authority as I did so quickly. I’ve gone from intern to quality engineer, to process quality engineer, and on to senior process quality engineer all in seven years, and I’m now working on the largest volume and highest grossing product in our lineup. I’ve had opportunities for growth and advancement, and Sercel combines that with a good salary and great benefits.“


Fabien, Industrial Mechanic

fabien-small.jpg "I joined Sercel as an industrial mechanic. My job is to assemble the various vibrator subassemblies and components. I also occasionally go abroad for vibrators start up or repair. What I like about Sercel is the possibility to combine an operational job with field interventions but also the possibility of following technical training to develop my knowledge and skills. Discipline, responsiveness, and practicality are essential for this job."



Stéphane, Electronics Engineer
  "stephane-small.jpgI graduated in electronics from an engineering school, I joined Sercel as a test engineer. I now supervise two technicians and am in charge of the test benches for a whole product line. Sercel manufactures products that are used in extreme conditions and must therefore be very reliable and of the utmost quality. All products are stringently tested during the production phase. My role is to define these production controls in partnership with product development, design test benches and software, and follow test benches manufacturing. I also develop test data collection and processing tools, for example with the objective being to supply production indicators. I like the sheer range of people, technologies and subjects on which I work. Sercel is the market leader and takes the necessary steps to produce quality products. The teams contain many passionate people who are experts in their particular area; this is very enriching and a source of motivation. Production positions have a strong technological component and enable you to see the actual result of your work. A desire to learn, the ability to listen, technical expertise and versatility, as well as pragmatism, are assets for this position.”