Hubert, Electronics and Development Engineering Intern

hubert-small.jpg“Having obtained a science baccalaureate, I enrolled in an engineering school. I decided to spend my fifth year on a professional contract in the field of embedded software and electronics. This enables me to break into the world of work and work on real concrete projects, with the company covering partially the cost. As part of a team, I develop electronics and software systems for embedded marine products so that acoustic readings can be taken. I like being part of a team of professionals and being able to put into practice and develop my skills on concrete innovative projects in a structured environment. I like the highly specific nature of my post and its technical nature. At Sercel we take the time to do things properly and product quality is fundamental. Sercel is a stable company with an international reach. The company enables staff to move to other sites. My professional training contract enhances my employability in both Sercel and outside the company and in France and abroad. A liking for industrial occupations, sociability and being committed are important qualities for this post.​"

Baptiste, Electronics and Computer Engineering Intern

EAGE-small.jpg "At the end of my fourth year in an engineering school studying in Electronics and Computer Engineering Department, I had a 3-month internship at Sercel to develop a test bench. I worked on developing an electronic board designed to simulate the electrical behaviour of a "Brushless" DC motor in the Test Methods Department. This card can be used to test the electronics of Sercel products using this type of motor. I really enjoyed this internship that combined electronics and software which were the two components of my course. Choosing Sercel for your internship means that you integrate a large company that is a rewarding professional and personal experience and you can work in a particularly healthy, friendly, and interesting environment. Sercel was very welcoming which greatly facilitated my integration and I was able to talk to people who were always available and willing to share their experience throughout my internship. I also particularly liked the fact that I was given the means to realise a project that met a real need of the company. This internship allowed me to gain a good working methodology while learning about specific requirements of the professional world: preparing meetings, consultations, discussions with engineers and technicians.​"