Remote QC

Remote QC


​​​Cutting-edge remote QC solution provides a fully automated alternative to traditional project management and monitoring techniques. Remote QC technology has been developed to challenge the established data validation paradigm.​

E&P companies and geophysical service providers use Sercel Concept's Remote QC solution to manage and track survey progress, view QA statistics, and ensure that project specifications are met. Experts can monitor and assess the survey data from anywhere and in real time. Remote visualization of key survey elements helps users better understand past and current operations. Visualization dashboards can be used as live reports in project meetings, and with customers.

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A Remote QC Worfklow – Example

Our solution is scalable and compatible with most 3rd party software. A bespoke solution can also be developed to match customer​-​specific business models and processes – or to supplement their current systems. A collaborative approach ensures that the final product is perfectly matched to the customer's needs.


Digital dashboards take data visualization to the next level. The dashboards provide end users with a view of operational progress and production statistics to monitor key survey metrics for efficiency and data quality. Dynamic reporting is a key feature of the system, where actionable survey data is tailored to the needs of each project stakeholder and delivered in near real time.

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Survey Progress

Marlin technology currently delivers survey progress. The user is shown spatial navigation attributes along with survey progress visualization to highlight which source and receiver pre-plot lines have been acquired so far. Users can also interact with the acquired sequences to verify the deployed node count (and vice versa for receiver lines). For office-based personnel, the application is accessed via a browser and mirrors the offshore installation, allowing for real-time acquisition.

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