Analog Seismic Sensors

Designed to yield the performance needed for scientific studies, our seismometers are used for monitoring long period (very low frequency) signals. These units are often used for earthquake monitoring and for triggering potential alerts during natural disasters such as tsunamis.

L-4 is an instrument quality 1-hz or 2-hz multi-purpose seismometer that is small, light, and economical. It is designed to yield the performance needed for scientific studies, yet has the ruggedness required for petroleum exploration work.

The L-22 miniature low frequency land seismometer is available in 2.0 hz models, and may be obtained with several different coil resistances as standard manufacture. Other coil values are available on special order.

  • ​High reliability
    • Intensive Validation
    • 100% Quality Testing
  • Best Performance
    • Patented Design Features
  • Customized Solutions
    • Bespoke Manufacturing
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