Marlin Offshore Wind

​​​​​​Improving the safety and impact of offshore wind operations.

    Key Benefits:

    •Optimized operational performance

    •Improved safety performance

    •Enhanced collaboration between  stakeholders

    •Full auditable database with playback​

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     There are many challenges facing the offshore wind industry today. New wind farms are moving further offshore, presenting additional operational and communication issues. An increasing number of existing wind farms are entering the operations and maintenance (O&M) stage, which represents a significant proportion of the cost of energy for the industry. Planning efficiency, reduced operational costs, and lower HSE risks are key to increasing competitiveness in the growing offshore wind market.

      Key Operational Challenges:

Safety - challenging weather conditions and transportation of people for installation and maintenance work

Complexity of operations - wind farm planning, installation, operation, and maintenance are complex and costly, often in hard weather conditions.

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Early implementation of marine operations optimization solutions is critical for gaining a competitive advantage

in this market. Marlin is a field-tested software platform that addresses the most complex offshore wind market


Solving Offshore Wind Operational Challenges for All Stakeholders

Our platform benefits all major players in the offshore wind industry, from developers and owners to supply

chain logistics and new oil and gas entrants.

Optimizing Every Stage of the Wind Project Life Cycle

Marlin can be deployed for efficient logistics management throughout the life cycle of a wind farm project, 

including site assessment, construction, operations and maintenance, and decommissioning.

Transforming data into actionable insights

Plan, monitor, analyze, and manage all operational logistics via a single web portal for greater transparency and

collaboration, improved operational performance, and a lower carbon footprint.​​

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