Marlin Oil & gas

​​Optimizing the efficiency and effectiveness of logistics in congested offshore environments through reduced SIMOPS downtime.

Key Benefits:

•Enhanced safety via improved communication between assets

•Improved security through real-time operational visibility  and an auditable database with playback

•Increased efficiency with closer coordination and reduced SIMOPS downtime

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In offshore logistics, there is always a drive to improve, whether it be the efficiency of operations, the delivery of better quality, or the reduction of costs that leads to increased profitability. Sercel Concept developed the Marlin application suite to facilitate the implementation of these enhancements. Marlin is at the forefront of delivering bespoke and integrated digital solutions to the manual and often disparate processes used in the maritime industry today. It improves safety and reduces operational downtime in congested offshore environments by ensuring that all parties have full situational awareness of the planned activities of every asset in the operational area. Marlin is a rule-based software solution that combines temporal project planning with 3D situational awareness, analyzing and predicting operations using multiple real-time information sources, including AIS, GIS, GPS, radar, ADS-B, and MetOcean data. Using customers' operational procedures and HSE policies in conjunction with live vessel positioning data, Marlin can flag potential conflicts, continuously assess ongoing operations to reduce safety events, and optimize non-productive time by better prioritizing fleet scheduling.

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SIMOPS Management for Seismic Operations

Seismic acquisition is frequently carried out in producing oil fields with existing infrastructure and associated operations. Vessels in these areas are frequently dependent on real-time tracking, while operational plans are stored and visualized elsewhere, resulting in a lack of situational awareness. This can lead to operational conflicts not being identified until an operational deficiency occurs, increasing the risk of unplanned downtime. Marlin situational awareness and SIMOPS management solution, is used to ensure minimal disruption to concurrent activities.​​

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