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Leveraging the power of data to increase port call efficiency and the management of ports in real-time

Marlin SmartPort PMIS was created in collaboration with global port clients and international standards organizations to deliver a platform solution that is simple to use and scalable to your port’s needs. With over 60 years’ experience in the most complex maritime technologies, Sercel Concept is a trusted partner on the journey to make our customers’ ports the smartest ports around. Our experienced team of software engineers and maritime professionals provides the best possible project governance that is logical, robust, and results driven. Our team will invest time in learning about your operations and your port’s needs to transform your requirements into a custom-tailored solution that is effective and produces results quickly.

Port Management Information System

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Key Benefits

•Single-point, one-time data entry eliminates the need to repeatedly duplicate data, dramatically reducing the potential for errors.

•Streamlined port call processes save staff time, so your people can focus their precious resources on other critical tasks.

•Billing system digital interfaces feed time-stamped billable events data directly to your billing system.

•The Port community portal provides key stakeholders with direct, transparent access to a single, accurate database, providing a system for collaborative management with internal and external stakeholders.​​

Marlin SmartPort Port Management Information System (PMIS) enables ports to effectively manage their port calls, from the initial booking by an agent or vessel to the final invoicing—all through a single, simple-to-use portal.

Key features:

•Partner Portal allows for efficient online port call booking by agent or vessel, including the digital upload of pre-arrival forms.

•Berth Allocation and Management tools for port controllers to optimize berth use.

•Environmental Monitoring tools enable real-time weather and tidal awareness for stakeholders.

•Automated Monitoring of vessel ETAs lets ports amend plans effectively.

•Automated Vessel Lookup includes the recording of vessel dimensions, draught, main and auxiliary propulsion systems, and steering information.

•Real-time Vessel Movement Tracking in the port area gives port controllers a live overview of activities.

•Logging and Timestamping of all port call vessel activities for reporting, HSE, and billing purposes

•A Suite of Dashboards provides key performance data to port management and key stakeholders on demand.

•Automated Port Call automatically creates port calls for high-frequency visits and low-paperwork vessel types, including fishing boats, ferries and crew transfer vessels (CTVs).

•Language Feature: Marlin SmartPort’s digital port management solution can be used in virtually any language thanks to its multi-language functionality.


Vessel Traffic System

We are maritime systems integrators who partner with best-in-class vendors to deliver VTS solutions that meet the needs and budgets of each of our customers. VTS helps to improve situational awareness in ports and waterways by monitoring and managing maritime activities in real time, resulting in increased efficiency, safety, vessel traffic control, and asset utilization. 

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Key Benefits

•Improved maritime safety through real-time situational awareness of every vessel location, giving operators the ability to identify and respond to potential incidents and threats quickly.

•Enhanced vessel traffic management in ports, harbors, and waterways, giving real-time visibility and collaboration across the common operational area

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