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​​​​​​The Marlin Application Suite provides a portfolio of innovative software and services for the marine industry, including energy, port, and logistics. Marlin enables companies to plan, monitor, analyze, and manage all operational logistics via a single web portal, accelerating innovation and transforming their business into a truly digital enterprise in a secure and cost-effective manner.

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Marlin Ops View

Avoid potential conflicts where expensive assets are involved and delays are extremely costly.

The Marlin Ops View application is a scalable and configurable system that provides multiple authorized user teams with a common operational picture (COP). It is a real-time situational awareness solution that enables our customers to be proactive in managing all ongoing and planned operations. In addition, a full history of activity is recorded, and time-sliding capability allows for audit reporting on the operational area.

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Marlin Smart Port

Leveraging the power of data to optimize port call efficiency and real-time management of port infrastructure and waterways.

Port Management Information System (PMIS)

Automate the mundane so you can focus on the important. Our Marlin Smart Port (PMIS) gives real-time control and visibility of all port call activities, increasing operational efficiency and reducing vessel downtime in ports.

Vessel Traffic Service (VTS)

We are maritime systems integrators who partner with best-in-class vendors to deliver VTS solutions that meet the needs and budgets of each of our customers. VTS helps to improve situational awareness in ports and waterways by monitoring and managing maritime activities in real time, resulting in increased efficiency, safety, vessel traffic control, and asset utiliz​ation.

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Marlin Vessel Lifecycle Management

Log accurate and up-to-date vessel records for the management of fleet capacity; manage certifications; track and complete vessel pre-hire checklists for safe and efficient preparation.

The Marlin Vessel Lifecycle module provides our customers with a vessel database and contract management that maintains accurate records, ensuring that deployed vessels comply with regulations.

In this module, fleet managers can view all commercial and operational aspects of the fleet through a centralized visualization tool. Additionally, the module will alert against and prevent the use of out-of-spec or contract vessels, thereby reducing operational risks and commercial liabilities. It also provides data for intelligent material scheduling decisions, as the module's attributes and capabilities can be transferred to the Marlin Material Management application.

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Marlin Materials Management Meet deadlines, cut costs, and reduce your carbon footprint through efficient asset utilization.

Our materials management solution provides a set of user-friendly planning tools that ensure optimal vessel efficiency by managing material requests and material scheduling and by reducing vessel downtime through route optimization. After materials are selected and delivery details are entered into the system, the Marlin Material Management application will select the best vessel and route based on all fleet activities. Customers will also receive notification of the most efficient and cost-effective solution for maximizing their organization's assets.

Marlin Materials Management solves maritime personnel’s biggest operational issues:

•Vessel planners need to know what materials are to be moved, where they are being moved from and to, and that the vessels that are available can support the transit.

•Vessel masters and crew need a tool to plan and update their activities while transporting materials.

•Material suppliers and users need a tool that tells them when their materials will be transported, which vessel will manage it, and a live update on progress.

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Marlin Analytics and Business Intelligence. Reporting statistics can be tailored to the needs of each team.

Marlin logs all time-stamped and geospatial operational data into an auditable database and enables the replay of all activities. Analytics and key operational performance metrics are delivered via sophisticated dashboards, providing customers with invaluable insights for optimizing operations.

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