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Sercel has been a provider of custom engineered equipment for the underwater Security & Defense markets for a long time. Our expertise ranges from a wide and advanced knowledge base in underwater acoustics to industry certified industrial processes. The combination of which enables us to support your most demanding and unique naval projects. 


  • Acoustic communication:
  • Renowned for our advanced acoustic technologies, Sercel provides state-of-the-art and custom-engineered solutions for long-range and inconspicuous underwater communications.

  • Acoustic positioning:
  • Sercel designs and manufactures acoustic transponders for the accurate positioning of all types of underwater systems. Our acoustic positioning solutions are scalable for use on small to large projects.

  • Acoustic measurements:
  • Sercel offers acoustic measurement techniques capable of detecting and precisely locating emitted sounds as well as collecting and characterizing anthropic noise either through pressure or particle motion analysis.

  • Acoustic classification:
  • Sercel provides acoustic classification tools based on A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) techniques.

  • Acoustic transducers:
  • Sercel has an in-depth knowledge of the design and manufacturing of custom transducers. Our finite-element simulations and specialized acoustic tank allow us to develop high-end transducers with high quality standards.

  • Towed antennas
  • With over 60 years of experience and excellence, Sercel has established itself as a major designer and supplier of a broad range of marine products including ultra-light cables and advanced streamers through to sophisticated connector solutions. Based on this solid know-how, Sercel was able to extend its expertise to the defense and security markets and in particular address the requirements for towed antennas.


In addition to the wide spectrum of acoustic expertize highlighted above, Sercel is an industrial manufacturer with a world-wide reputation. Since 1956, Sercel has designed, manufactured and supported a full range of high-tech electronic equipment adapted to the harshest environments and conditions : we have specified equipment from -50°C to +260°C, from a few g up to 60 tons traction; and up to 2,600 bar.

Compliant with the highest ISO standard certifications, Sercel is ready to transform the most advanced and ambitious engineering design projects into customized and reliable real-world solutions.

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Sercel's existing product base is large but cannot be fully covered here due to defense industry restrictions on classified material. The following list of products should however go some way to show in which areas Sercel can contribute to your future projects:

    Custom transducertransducer.jpg

    Sercel designs and manufactures custom transducers that can operate in the harshest underwater environments (temperature, shock, vibration, etc) and provide high performance and long-term stability.
    By offering specific expertize such as finite-element simulation and acoustic tank testing, we can ensure that you are able to meet your highest technical & mechanical expectations.


    Acoustic modemsMATS.001.JPG

    MATS 3G is an underwater acoustic telemetry system that offers a turn-key solution for all underwater communication needs. Ideal for AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle) application, MATS 3G provides a high speed data link for the reliable transfer of images from subsea cameras or side-scan sonar data to a master vessel at the surface. Click here for more details. 

    6.pngMATS LT is a new cost-effective micro modem design well suited for compact AUVs. MATS LT can be used for your underwater IOT applications and can be available without encapsulation for easy integration into your own design framework.    Click here for more details.


    Low-noise sensorsDSC_5814_detoure.jpg

    Sercel has developed a standalone 3 Component MEMS accelerometer sensor package "QS3". Field proven in the seismic exploration arena, these QuietSeis® accelerometers have the lowest noise commercially available (15ng/√Hz) enabling signal measurements of unprecedented accuracy.  Click here for more details.

    If you would like to learn more about this advanced MEMS technology, please read our white paper: Moving over to MEMS


    Marine mammal or man-made noise detection and localizationQuietSea_2.jpg

    QuietSea is a PAM (Passive Acoustic Monitoring) system that provides monitoring and mitigation measures that meet and exceed current environmental regulations for the protection of marine mammals during off-shore operations. For security purposes QuietSea technology is also applicable for man-made noise detection, localization and detailed source signature characterization. Read more here.


    DeRegt, a Sercel sister company, has itself played a significant role in maritime safety for the last thirty years by providing high-quality cable solutions for defense and offshore applications. Based in the Netherlands, DeRegt designs and manufactures a wide range of cable solutions for the sonar systems used by several European navies and others.

    DeRegt's product range includes:

    • Towed array cables

    • Tow cables for torpedo defense systems

    • Outboard cable systems for submarines (for sensors and power distribution)

    • Tow cables for variable depth sonars

    • Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) cables

    • Dipping sonar cables

    Read more here.