Remote Service Solutions

​​​Sercel Concept has proven, tailored solutions that allow digitally connected specialists to monitor and interact with operations from multiple locations globally.

Sercel Concept ​deploys its established workflows remotely and delivers a technology portfolio to support your operations, wherever you or your team are located.

The full-service provisions, ranging from simple non-interactive real-time visualization through utilizing our consultant experts to provide full QC and optimization planning, are available for seamless, remote deployment. All solutions are field-proven and have been specifically designed to allow for remote support and service provision tailored to the clients' operational requirements.

With extensive use worldwide, our MarlinTM platform is at the heart of the technology enabling the delivery of these services and ensuring that customers have all the most important data and information immediately at hand.

Customers' operations can be managed from any location, reducing the need to travel, and providing the option to reduce the number of offshore personnel. For seismic acquisition and management, the remote services are designed to bring customers closer to the operation as required. These remote services are fully scalable, enabling customers to transition from a high-level supervisory role to detailed operational involvement as needed. One example would be during a complex operational phase in proximity to infrastructure where closer supervision is needed.

Implementation Levels

 1. Operational Surveillance – Delivery by Software as a Service (SaaS) system to provide visualization and operational oversight via a common operational picture

 2. Remote Project Supervision/Monitoring – Monitoring of progress and display of key operational metrics

 3. SIMOPS Management – Remote task management and planning to enable efficient operations in complex environments

 4. Remote QC & Survey Progress – Provision of attribute QC services and continuous survey progress updates and displays

 5. Optimization Services – Daily project analysis and optimization to enable the delivery of the most efficient, cost-effective operations

To know more about ​Remote service solutions, please download the BROCHURE ​

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