Downhole courses



This course provides field observers an overview of Sercel downhole tools string system for seismic operations.

The course provides a System overview; tools string description (telemetry, satellite, weight unit and auxiliaries (casing collar locator, gamma ray, tensiometer) and transmission features. A lab presentation (Wavelab) is also provided, to introduce users to its basic features and connection to the string.

An overview of acquisition software is also proposed (Wave Control & Tools Pilot). This includes tools string configuration, test management, logging display, motor operations and acquisition. Finally, the trainee will put his knowledge into practice (Bonnefont test well 3000m at 100°C) he will perform tool string rig up and down operations, interfacings source (G. Gun), hydrophone, source controller (Hot Shot RTS), depth encoder and acquisition (zero offset).

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Location: Saint Gaudens
Duration: Two weeks.