Marine courses



Seal System Course

Sercel has three different Seal courses available to better answer you needs : Seal Intensive, Seal Extended and Seal Advanced

Both Seal Extended and Seal Intensive courses cover all aspects of the data acquisition chain; from our latest streamer technology, to the intuitive architecture of our Seal System software. With strict Quality Control measures at the forefront, also of importance are the online capability, attention to detail, and the seamless integration of the QC package. Those completing this course will leave with a comprehensive understanding of the operation and intricacies of our entire marine system.

Location: Seal Intensive course is held in Nantes and Houston. Seal Extended course is held in Nantes, on special request only. Duration: One week for the Seal Intensive. Two weeks for the Seal Extended.

The Seal Advanced course is particularly intended for Seal system experimented trainees. Through advanced system configurations, this training course will enable Seal users to become completely autonomous within a week. Course content includes system and streamer troubleshooting and repair processes, advanced training on SQC Pro and description of sensor and instrument tests. Trainees may also take the opportunity to tackle issues already experimented onboard in a Q/A exchange with the instructor.

Location: This course is held in Nantes on special request, please contact us for further details.
Duration: One week.



The Nautilus course aims at providing observers with all the information to successfully operate with the Nautilus® system. Upon completion of this course the trainee will have a comprehensive understanding of the operation and implementation of the Nautilus® system. Course content includes on-board and in-sea equipment presentation and application, Nautilus® software installation.

Part of the training is also dedicated to the performance of all the settings for a survey start-up and regular production. Trainees may also take the opportunity to tackle issues already experimented onboard in a Q/A exchange with the instructor.

Location: This course is held in Nantes
: One week



SeaRay Repair

This is a 2 week hands-on course dedicated to the physical repair of SeaRay cables; an extra week may be necessary if certification by Sercel is required. The main emphasis of the course is full cable splicing and jacket overmolding. Pigtail splicing, troubleshooting theory, and troubleshooting tool familiarization will be covered in the course, as well. Each technician must be proficient in soldering. Each technician must complete a minimum of 3 cable samples which must pass QC tests and QC inspection to receive certification by Sercel’s Quality department. Class limit is 4 trainees.

Duration: 2 Weeks
: Houston


Sentinel Repair

This course can be scheduled as a basic repair course (7 days), as an overmolding course (3 days), or as a complete Sentinel repair course (10 days). The repair technician is instructed through demonstrations and hands-on repairs using sample pieces of Sentinel cable. The basic repair course consists of skin welding, hydrophone replacement, flex-end repair, cable core wire splicing, theory on practical troubleshooting and an introduction to the Seal Section Tester (SST). The overmolding course covers FDU and coil removal/replacement followed by overmolding with the Besco 2130S machine. The complete course covers all of the above processes. Class limit is 4 trainees.

Duration: Various
: Houston